Mexican Train


Experience the natural beauty of wood with a laser engraved Mexican train set featuring a center hub, wooden train markers, and domino trays. Intricate details, precise engraving, and sophisticated craftsmanship make this set a unique and visually appealing addition to any game collection or display.



The laser engraved Mexican train set is a masterfully crafted game that showcases the natural beauty and warmth of wood. The set includes a center hub, 7 miniature wooden train markers, and 4 unique domino trays, all of which are intricately engraved using laser techniques.

The center hub serves as the focal point of the game and features a wooden surface with a meticulously engraved railway design. The design includes tracks, and other elements that evoke the charm of a classic Mexican train system. The engraving is precise and detailed, showcasing the beauty of the wood grain and the craftsmanship of the set.

The 7 miniature wooden train markers are also laser cut and engraved.  The wooden trains are small in size but are intricately crafted with engraved details such as wheels, smokestacks, and other train features.

The 4 unique domino trays are also made of wood and feature laser engraved mountain and forest landscapes that complement the overall aesthetic of the set. The trays are designed to hold the wooden dominoes used in the game, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to the set.

The combination of the laser engraved wooden center hub, miniature train markers, and domino trays creates a visually appealing and unique Mexican train set that celebrates the natural beauty of wood. The precision and artistry of the laser engraving add a touch of sophistication to the game, making it a truly special addition to any game collection or as a decorative piece for display.


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