Personalized Gifts

Laser engraving can be used to create unique and customized gifts that are perfect for any occasion, from birthdays and anniversaries to weddings and corporate events. You can engrave names, dates, logos, or even photographs on a variety of materials like wood, leather, acrylic, and glass using a laser engraving machine.


Promotional Items

Laser engraving can also be used to create promotional items for businesses, organizations, or events. This includes items like keychains, pens, phone cases, and USB drives, which can be engraved with a company logo or message to help promote brand awareness.


Custom Signage

Laser engraving is a great way to create custom signage for businesses, events, or personal use. This includes things like nameplates, directional signs, and even large-scale outdoor signs. CO2 lasers are particularly well-suited for cutting and engraving materials like acrylic and wood



Laser engraving can also be used to create custom awards for sporting events, academic achievements, or employee recognition programs. You can engrave names, dates, and other details to create a truly personalized and memorable award.



Welcome to Lasered Goods

Where I bring your imagination to life.

I'm a fourth-class Power Engineer by trade, and I've always loved exploring new technologies and learning new skills. When the world was shut down due to COVID-19, my Director at Hollyburn Country Club approached me with an opportunity to start a sign shop and create the Club's signage in-house. I jumped at the chance! With my technical background and quick learning ability, I knew it would be a fun and interesting challenge.
We started with a laser engraver and vinyl cutter, and soon after the six-week Covid shutdown , we received our laser machine. It turned out to be the perfect tool for creating and personalizing acrylic shields for the different departments in the Club. While others were paying a premium for the same products, we were able to produce the same quality, if not better, at a fraction of the cost. As demand grew, we added an acrylic bender, laminator, and large format latex printer to our sign shop. With the constantly changing COVID-19 protocols, there was no limit to the amount of signage needed during this time, and we were able to keep up with the demand by constantly updating our signs to reflect the latest guidelines from the Provincial Health Organization.
Fast forward to Summer 2022... I've now been operating the sign shop for several years and have become quite skilled at creating signs, posters, name plates, name tags, custom items, and more, often completing orders the same day they are requested. Inspired by my success and skills, I decided to purchase my own laser machine so that I could share my creations with others and bring their ideas to life. I now work out of my home in Port Coquitlam and have produced treasures for family members and engraved promotional and other branded items for local businesses.
I invite you to browse my website and see if there's something that catches your eye, or reach out to me with your ideas for a unique, custom creation. I'm eager to bring your vision to life! Thank you for visiting Lasered Goods!
Steve Good

Steve Good





Alexander College



Send me a message outlining your idea and upload any designs or files in the contact form below.

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